Thursday, November 8, 2012

On Teeth: Second Edition

About six months ago, I wrote a riveting post on teeth, and now that we have returned to the dentist for our regular six-month cleanings, I now have an even more riveting follow-up post for you!

1) GI
GI now has four teeth and is working on two more. He has two on top and two on the bottom, which is great for biting but not for chewing. Both NJ and SB had far more teeth by 14 months, and I'm kind of looking forward, in an odd sort of way, to GI's getting his bicuspids, which typically happens around one year but can be later for some kids. The teething hasn't been a piece of cake, but it hasn't been the hellish experience I expected. He hasn't gotten a new tooth in months, though, just hanging around with these four. Who needs teeth, anyway?

He doesn't bite, really. Sometimes he tries to pull away from the breast without letting go, first, and I yelp, but he's never drawn blood or left marks. Thank goodness.

2) SB
SB has excellent teeth. The dentist told me yesterday that his hygiene is very good. That's good! He chipped a front tooth at some point. I don't even know when it happened! But it's only in the enamel and not the dentin, and the dentist said we can probably just leave it alone.

3) NJ
NJ's got a permanent tooth coming in on the bottom, behind his baby tooth! Oops! I didn't even know! It's already erupted, even! The baby tooth is a little bit wiggly, and the dentist said we should wiggle it and wiggle it and try to coax it out, or else she'll have to pull it to make room for the permanent tooth. I'd hate for him to have to lose his first tooth artificially. I've been looking forward to this milestone.

NJ also has two of his six-year-old molars in, both on top. One has a little cavity. We're going back in a few weeks for a filling and a sealant. I told him, he has to make sure to brush way in the back, now. It's a big responsibility, having permanent teeth!

4) Me!
No new cavities, for a change. How nice for things to settle down for a bit.

I know that one day, we'll be discussing things like braces and more fillings and other expensive notions. I keep praying that my kids have my good oral flora, that breastfeeding SB and GI will help their teeth grow in straight and their bites develop correctly. For now, I'm happy that my kids don't mind going to the dentist and are cooperative and friendly while there. Indeed, NJ said to me, "Do we have to go to the dentist every six months?" I said six months was what they recommend. He continued, "Because I wish we could come once a month!" I guess I'm doing something right!


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