Pregnancy and Birth

One of my purposes in establishing this site is to educate and empower women in the birth process. There is no "right way" to give birth, and there is not only one way or place or method. What feels right or works well for one woman might be unimaginable for another. I have written several articles on birth and birth options, collected and linked here for easy access.

Childbirth Choices Series
Part I: I've Just Found out I'm Pregnant; Now What?
Part II: Meeting Your Care Provider
Part III: Do I Need a Doula?
Part IV: What Will Happen at My Prenatal Appointments?
Part V: It's almost Time to Have a Baby!
Part VI: Labor and Delivery

Information about C-Sections

Information about VBAC
Doctor's Appointment and Uterine Rupture Information

Birth Trauma
The Emotional Side of the Traumatic Birth

Birth Choice
Your Birth, Your Choice
"Curing" Birth
It's Time to Take Back Birth
What If We Could Have Honest Conversations about Birth with Our Care Providers?

Pregnancy Information and Health
Fasting During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Guest Post: 8 Tips for Sleeping Comfortably during Pregnancy
Some General Early Pregnancy Information and Advice
Pregnancy and the Stomach Flu

Nursing During Pregnancy Series
Can I Get Pregnant while Breastfeeding?
Is It Safe to Breastfeed while Pregnant?
What are Some Other Concerns about Nursing through Pregnancy?
Can I Continue to Nurse My Older Child after the Baby is Born?

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