A large part of this site is breastfeeding information and support, including my own journey from regretting not breastfeeding my first to exclusively breastfeeding my second and third. I have written many articles about breastfeeding, from both the clinical and personal side.

Breastfeeding Information
Let's Talk About Breastfeeding - Part I
Let's Talk About Breastfeeding - Part II
Do I Have Enough Milk?
Going Dairy Free for a Happier Baby
Overactive Letdown/Oversupply
Starting Solids!
How Dad Can Bond with Baby
So You Want to Stop Nursing
Nursing Through Stomach Flu
Fasting During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Four Kinds of Breastfeeding Support: Emotional, Practical, Improper, and Unhelpful
Why Won't My Baby Nurse?

Breastfeeding Basics Series:
Part I - What You Should Know Before You Give Birth
Part II - The First Few Days
Part III - The First Six Weeks
Part IV - Six Weeks to Six Months
Part V - Six Months to One Year
Part VI - Over One Year

Nursing During Pregnancy Series:
Can I Get Pregnant while Breastfeeding?
Is It Safe to Breastfeed while Pregnant?
What are Some Other Concerns about Nursing through Pregnancy?
Can I Continue to Nurse My Older Child after the Baby is Born?

Breastfeeding versus Formula Feeding
Is Breastfeeding Really "Easier" Than Formula-Feeding?
Just One Bottle?
Is It Really About What's "Easier"?
Breastfeeding: All or Nothing?
Breastfeeding Is Not Always Easy, But Neither Is Raising A Child
About Those Formula Freebies and Mayor Bloomberg...
Breastfeed Just Once, and Then Decide
So, Which is Easier, Breast-Feeding or Formula-Feeding?
Why Breastfeed?
Formula "Goody" Bags

My Breastfeeding Experiences
My Nursing Story
Breastfeeding a Newborn
Breastfeeding Support: The Disconnect from the Hospital to the Pediatrician
Nursing in Random Places
Ear Infections, Asthma, and More: Breastfeeding and Baby's Health
Breastfeeding a Toddler

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