Thursday, March 13, 2014

10 Tips for Success at Breastfeeding

Check out this Ask-Me Monday video from this week, in which a reader wanted tips for being successful at breastfeeding when she has her second baby.

10 Tips for Success at Breastfeeding:

  1. Avoid problems instead of having to fix them later
  2. Learn the four basic rules for good positioning and latch. (Tummy-to-tummy; ear, shoulder, hip in a straight line; baby to breast, not breast to baby; support back of neck not back of head.)
  3. Be determined.
  4. Take it one feeding at a time.
  5. Remember that frequent feeding is normal and desirable. 
  6. Worry only if your baby does not start regaining weight by the third or fourth day of life or starts losing weight again after starting to gain. 
  7. Be confident. 
  8. Educate yourself.
  9. Hide the formula.
  10. Get your partner on board!
Watch the video for more detail!

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  1. I have a Monday question. How would you handle a 'not so supportive' mother or mother in law, in regards to breast feeding? I am due in a few weeks with #4 and I plan on breast feeding again, even though my first three attempts never made it past 3 months. I'm getting a lot of slack for wanting to "torture myself again." They are of the old school mind set that one week of breast time is sufficient. I'm just not sure how to explain my desire to succeed at this, or gain their support. Thanks. -Jen