Wednesday, May 14, 2014

As I Nurse You To Sleep, My Son

I love that you understand
what it means as I lay down beside you
and fiddle with my shirt
and brush your cheek with a bit of my skin

And you open your mouth
and you pant like a little bird
whose Mommy has just returned with
a juicy morsel.

You wiggle and wriggle and scoot
your whole body
your feet kick
your head moves back and forth
like a sonar pinging

Looking for...

Looking for...


And then you lunge at me
latching on
somehow both excited
and gentle

Your teeth do not but brush
the sensitive skin
Your lips settle
Your fist grasps my shirt
A foot digs into my soft belly

The quiet kah kah kah of swallowing
The rhythm of your jaw
The tongue flicking up and down
Up and down


Your eyes roll back in bliss
The same bliss I feel when I take that first bite
of cheesecake
or fudge
or sip a perfect milkshake on a hot summer day

Slowly your eyelids droop
Eyes open and close
Open and close

Until finally...


Your fist opens
The kah kah slows
Your foot slips from its perch
on my soft belly

Your tongue flutters
chin quivers
jaw relaxes

And you slip off

Eyes open once, briefly
Lips quirk in a contented smile
Then lids droop once more
Mouth closes
And you sleep.

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