Tuesday, September 24, 2013

36 Weeks/9 Months!

Well folks, this is it, the final countdown, the home stretch, bottom of the 9th, um...I'm out of sports metaphors...I'm 36 weeks pregnant today, with about a month until my due date, which makes me officially nine months pregnant.

Over the next few weeks, I expect the baby to "drop" farther into my pelvis (which may, at least, relieve some of this relentless heartburn/reflux), more and stronger contractions as a preamble to labor, more discomfort, and plenty of impatience. And you, my fans, friends, and readers, will be anxiously awaiting that update, that notice, that announcement that the baby is on his way.

But when will that happen? Will he pop out on his due date or surprise me early? Will he be the first to throw me a curveball (ah, another sports metaphor) and hang on for a few extra days? Is he excited to come out and meet his brothers, or is he cozy and comfy in there with no desire to see the world? I surely don't know!

So, a fun little game, while we wait.

In the comments here or on the Facebook page, make your prediction! I'm taking guesses for birth date and birth weight.

Some vital stats, to help you make your prediction:
I'm measuring average/right on track for fundal height.
I have not gained excessive weight, but I'm far from tiny.
My first baby was born 2 days after his due date; my second was induced two weeks ahead of schedule (due to high blood pressure); my third was born 2 days before his due date.
This one's due date is October 22, according to LMP, or October 25 according to ultrasound. Take your pick.
My first baby was 9lbs., 1oz.; my second was 7lbs., 6oz.; my third was 8lbs.; 3oz.

Have at it! Let's hear what you think!

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