Monday, July 15, 2013

In-Between and without Routine: Moving and Living in Temporary Housing

We're spending a couple of weeks in a hotel apartment while we wait for our new home to be available for move-in. We made it safely and successfully to the Bay Area, but we're in a weird state of in-between, almost like a vacation, except we have to work. The kids are terribly bored but have made some friends at the hotel, which is nice. There are quite a few families here in a similar situation to ours, and it's nice to have some kinship with them.

Thus, blog posts and videos have unfortunately fallen by the wayside until we're more settled and our schedule is more regular.

Briefly, though, I can say that our experience here is very different from our life in San Diego, but in positive way. This area is very diverse and multicultural. There's so much more variety of food, language, and nationality here. We loved living in San Diego, but I'm already seeing why people love the Bay Area so much, and I can see that we will find a happy and fulfilling life here as well.

I am looking forward to getting settled in, finding a routine, and making our lives normal again. I also have my first appointment with a new doctor this Friday, which I hope to fill you in about when I can.

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