Monday, January 7, 2013

The Yes, It's Normal! Guide update in the works!

For my next small project, I plan to update the "Yes, It's Normal!" Guide to Breastfeeding to a 3rd edition. Listed below are the questions addressed in the current version of the Guide. Are there any additional questions you'd like to see added to a new edition? What questions would you like to see answered in more detail? Keep in mind that the Guide is geared toward mothers and babies in the first three months postpartum.

What is the number one piece of advice you would give a new mother about breastfeeding?
How often should my baby be eating?
How do I know if baby is getting enough to eat/drink?
What is a “latch?” How do I know if my baby has a good latch?
Should breastfeeding hurt?
My nipples are bleeding. What do I do?
How much/how often should my baby be eating during the night? When will my baby sleep through the night?
I heard that giving a bottle of formula before bed, or adding rice cereal to the bottle, will help my baby sleep better and longer. Should I try this?
Do I need to give my baby water?
Do I have to switch sides during a feeding? How long should the baby stay on each breast?
What do I do if baby needs to eat while we’re out and about?
Should I give my baby a pacifier?
Should I give my baby a bottle? What do I put in the bottle?
My breasts leak constantly. What can I do about this?
My breasts have never leaked. Is something wrong?
My breasts suddenly don’t feel as full as they used to, and I’ve stopped leaking. What happened? Should I be worried?
I think I have a problem with my milk supply. What can I do to make more milk?
My baby’s bowel movements are loose and frequent. What should his poops look like?
My baby hasn’t had a bowel movement in several days. Help!
My baby is suddenly eating nonstop. What’s going on? Do I have enough milk for him?
My baby has been asleep most of the day, which is unusual. Should I be worried?
My baby is very fussy and nurses frequently for a few hours around the same time every day/night. What’s wrong?
Does what I eat get into the breastmilk? How do I know if something I’m eating is bothering the baby?
Can I drink alcohol while breastfeeding?
I have a sore spot on my breast. What could it be? What is a plugged duct? What do I do about a plugged duct?
What is mastitis? How do I know if I have mastitis? What do I do about mastitis?
What is thrush? How do I treat thrush?
Can I take medications while breastfeeding?

If you've read the Guide, I would really appreciate it if you'd leave me a review at the Amazon site (here) and/or as a comment on "The Guide" page of my blog (here). Also, don't forget to recommend it to friends! 

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